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  • Learn what the Pilates method is and how it can help you thrive
  • Explore Pilates principles to deepen your practice
  • Fine tune your movement and improve flexibility 
  • Develop core strength without a single crunch
  • Elongate your spine and muscles so you can move pain-free

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Want to learn Pilates? Let me show you the way...

Hi, I’m Trish, the founder of Barbell Pilates and creator of your Meathead Pilates guide!

After a decade of pushing my body with hard, long-distance races, CrossFit, weightlifting, and powerlifting, I found myself at 30 years old looking for a gentler, more effective way to recover outside my workouts.

That's when I got serious about Pilates, and it changed everything! 

The challenging and effective workouts were as physically demanding as my lifting sessions, but in a whole new way. Every session left me feeling longer, taller, more focused, and balanced. 

Pretty soon, I started using Pilates as my #1 recovery method on non-lifting days and got certified to teach professionally.

Today, I use Pilates with my strength training clients to help them:

  • Reduce low back pain 
  • Improve stability and mobility around the hips, feet, and shoulders
  • Increase flexibility
  • Strengthen their core 
  • Reduce the risk of joint injury or pain 
  • Develop their muscle coordination 
  • Improve their athleticism 

Pilates has been so beneficial in helping me rehab old injuries and recover faster from my workouts, that I've made it my life's mission to bring the method's benefits to you!

 The Meathead Pilates Body PDF is my free gift to help start you on your Pilates journey!

I want you to experience how amazing Pilates is for your body, just like my clients and I have!

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