21 Days of Movement & Mobility


Join the free movement & mobility series #21DAYSMVTMOB 

  • Improve your squat, deadlifts, pull-ups & overhead technique
  • Recover faster with mobility and Pilates-inspired drills 
  • Build strength faster & dramatically reduce your risk of injury
  • Gain control of your movement & mobility once and for all!


  • Starting October 8th, you'll receive an email from me every day over the course of 21 days with tons of free education and coaching insights to improve your movement quality and mobility. 
  • Each email will target one specific area of movement or mobility that you can apply right away into your routine or workout. Not only will you improve the quality of your movement in the squat, hinge, push, and pull, but you will drastically improve your mobility to support those movements overall.
  • At the end of #21DaysMvtMob, I'll be sharing how you can work with me through my Strength Lab coaching program. 
  • Share it out! Post your progress and what you're working on to your social media with the #21DaysofMvtMob hashtag. You may even inspire someone else in your inner circle!
  • The #21DAYSMVTMOB series is free to participate in and is ideal for all fitness and strength training enthusiasts at any level.

Mobility Exercises Taking inspiration from Pilates and other restorative methods, you'll get drills and exercises proven to increase your overall mobility

Lifting 101 Perfect your form and clean up common technique mistakes in the squat, deadlift, overhead press, and pull-up 

Movement Education Learn quick assessment tricks and solutions to dramtically improve your movement quality, motor control, and performance

Coaching Opportunity At the end of 21 days, I'll share with you how we can continue to work together. If you're pumped to continue improving your lifts and recovery, and are ready for more, I'll be here to coach you through my Strength Lab coaching.

Movement Education & Inspiration

Hi, I’m Trish, the founder of Barbell Pilates, trainer, and movement and Pilates specialist.  

I created 21 Days of Movement and Mobility to help empower you every time you train, while inspiring you to lift with more confidence and ease.

While there are millions of workouts programs out there telling you what to do, there aren’t many reliable resources that can teach you the fundamentals of movement and mobility quality.  

#21DaysMvtMob is the type of education I always craved for myself in high school and college but never had. I had to figure everything out on my own. After years of educating myself, working with tons of coaches, mentors, and clients, I’m bringing this FREE educational resource to you!  

Join #21DaysMvtMob to master the fundamentals, improve your technique, and feel more confident about how you train and move every single day!